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Prices start at: 125 per night

Apartment 5


  • Guests: 6
  • Size: 60m²

. . . – . . 2024.
Price per night: 

haus mate (1)

Dear Guests!

Welcome to our website of “Haus Mate” apartments. We are located in the village of Pisak, in the vicinity of Dalmatian pearls – Omiš and Makarska.  Pisak, once a small fishing village, is a delightful village suitable for a family vacation. Beautiful pebble-beaches along the crystal clear sea, significant distance to the main road and a couple of restaurants nearby make Pisak very convenient.

We are a small family of 4 living in a 3 floor house with 7 modern, fully equipped apartments. While we rent the two upper floors, we live on the lowest floor and are always available if you need anything. We are located in the village of Pisak, a peaceful, stress-free place, made for relaxation and family vacation. We have a beach (only for our guests and family) and with it provide natural water, showers, electricity, barbecue, pantry for beach supplies, as well as 2 berths for boats. Our beach, hidden between cliffs, pines and a fig tree, offers seclusion from the rest of the village and an escape from the beach crowds. The beach offers a shower, barbecue, dining table and a pantry for your beach supplies (such as floaties, boards or a smaller boat), and is located 200 meters away from the apartment.

While we offer you complete privacy in your apartment and seclusion on our beach, we are only a staircase away from anything you might require or need to know. Our family and house have been in the business of tourism for 3 generations, or to be precise 40 years. While we have 2 fluent English speakers in the house, we have learnt our way around understaning Czech, Polish, Slovak and Slovenian. While also being in the wine brewing business, we provide our guests with high-quality homemade wine and liquors (first bottle is always free!)

While the beach is 200 meters away from the house, other public beaches are all situated in up to 5 minutes walking distance, with a lot of small caves and beaches accesible with exploring by swimming. The entirety of Pisak offers crystal clear, water, while you can choose between pebbly, sandy, or rocky beaches. The center of Pisak which offers a market, a bar, ATM, a bakery and 2 restaurants is also located a 5 minute walk away.

The village of Pisak is located 16 kilometers from the town of Omiš and 16 kilometers from the town of Makarska. If you enjoy walking or jogging, there is a very suitable forest that leads to the village of Marušići, where you can enjoy nature with one of the cleanest airs in Dalmatia.

Hospitality is the attribute that a few can offer   to their guests and this is why Haus Mate is the ideal destination for your summer holidays. We sincerely hope that you will find this website informative, and that it will help you to choose Pisak and Haus Mate as your unforgettable holiday destination. For every question, concern, compliment, or complaint, feel free to contact us via our e-mail address – info@apartments-pisak.com

Thank you for visiting!

Sea: 25o mDoctor: 16 kmBeach: 250 mPharmacy: 16 km
Centre: 250 mBus station: 500 mMarket: 200 mGas station 16 km
ATM: 250 mPost office: 4000 mAirport: 55 kmRestaurant: 200 m
Split: 36 kmDubrovnik: 187 kmOmiš: 16 kmMakarska: 16 km